Syrian short narrative film “Jasmine Throes”

Syrian short narrative film “Jasmine Throes” by Director Alaa al-Sahnawi harvested its fifth international award after winning the Golden Award for Best Director at Los Angeles Film Festival in the USA.

The film, whose story is taken from the Syrian reality, embodies a “humanitarian issue” and the crimes perpetrated by terrorists as the director of the film seeks through a cinematic plot which depends on rapid rhythm to address the international public opinion with aim of putting the audience in the heart of the story.

The film’s message focuses on the idea that multinational terrorism targets the innocents including the heroes of the film.

The story of the film talks about the life of a Syrian family which is suffering from  siege and terrorism, and it sheds light on the moments of death and the throes of a mother and her struggle to give birth to “Jasmine” and to protect her whatever the price.

“The film will continue its international tour and it will participate in a movie festival in France at the end of the current month, and it will participate in another festival in India, and in the beginning of December it will participate in a festival in Australia,” Al- Sahnawi told SANA.

He added “The film conveys a humanitarian message and it discusses the issues of terrorism and extremism which has no religion within a realistic story that expresses the true pain of the Syrians.”